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OUR $9000 MISTAKE: Posted 08Jun01, updated 17Aug01, 26Mar02, 23Jul02, 15Aug02 & 15Feb03.

UPDATE 23Jul02

See photo of major buckling after only one year. Brundage had left some of their plywood out in the rain. They promised not to use any of the curled plywood, but to get new instead. Of course, we weren't there every minute to watch them. We got our only leak while they were working, during a rain. That leak was directly under this buckle. Did they flatten out curled plywood by nailing it into rotten planks which they were supposed to replace?

Specifications given BRUNDAGE prior to contract:

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What BRUNDAGE did wrong – in order of occurance:

  1. Month-late start date: Dick Madison agreed to begin on April 1st 2001, weather permitting. I paid $3,000, months in advance, to secure this date.
  2. Cheap materials: Brundage’s owner, Dick Madison, insisted that only 1/2 inch exterior plywood (versus OSB chipboard) met their standards when making the bid. Brundage had conviced me that plywood was better. I specified plywood decking based on Madison’s own recommendation.
  3. Damaged materials: Quite a number of plywood sheets were left out several days in the rain.
  4. Rotton wood: I came home at lunch one day while Brundage workers were stripping and redecking to note a piece of rotten wood that needed replacing. They agreed to repair it with new wood.
  5. Failed to clean up: Brundage’s owner, Dick Madison, specified cleaning up the site at the end of every day.
  6. Material shortage: I specified ice and water shield on all the valleys and all the eves.
  7. Wrong shingles: I specified 30-year Certainteed Landmark, or Independence brand shingles.
  8. Fraudulent claim: When I complained to Brundage’s owner Dick Madison about having gotten 25-year shingles after paying for 30-year shingles. Madison claimed, in effect, There is no difference between 25-year shingles and 30-year shingles except for the price and the warrantee. They are really the same shingles. I will send you the thirty-year warrantee. It will be just as good. — I had doubts, but no hard evidence to the contrary, so elected not to express my doubts too insultingly. But I did tell him that when I should receive it, I would inquire with the manufacturer as to its full validity. More than two months have passed. Dick Madison has sent me no updated warrantee. I doubt he ever intended to. My opinion is that Dick Madison, owner of Brundage Roofing, lied to me. I feel that Brundage Roofing owes me a refund equal to 5/30ths of the cost of a 30-year roof, since that is what I had paid for and will need to have it redone years sooner than planned.

    UPDATE #1 — A telephone call made August 17th to the Elk Roofing manufacturing plant (tel. 1–205–758–2752) in Tuscaloosa, AL, informs me that there is, indeed, a significant differrence in quality between Elk’s 25-year and 30-year shingles: the 30-year being thicker, with more granules. Additionally, the 30-year, being thicker, has a more distinct relief and texture — exactly the historical appearance my wife most wanted to see! The Elk Corporation’s customer service department has promised to mail me their specifications. I will post those specifications here just as soon as they arrive.

    UPDATE #2 — Read how Elk Corporation adamantly rebuts Dick Madison in an offical statement. Click to see the actual email, CTRL S saved, and uploaded directly here on August 21st.

    UPDATE #3 — These are amoung the rumors told about Brundage Roofing and its owner Dick Madison... Note: These are merely unconfirmed allegations only, told to me by other roofing contractors (whos motives, of course, may be suspect) who called me back after I had first called them to inform about this web site. The rumors, as such, go like this... Dick Madison is not the original owner of Brundage Roofing. He is, however, reported to be the prior owner of other now-defunct or re-sold roofing companies, all under different names. Further, I was told that the Better Business Bureau once listed as many as ten unaswered complaints about Brundage Roofing under Madison’s tenure. Then, so the story goes, Brundage Roofing quietly ceased to operate until after the BBB’s three-year record-keeping period had expired.

    UPDATE #4 — One year after completion there is one major and several minor areas of buckling under the shingles. It looks to be a 4-foot length of plywood sheeting-end curled up from below. I have to wonder, even if the sheeting had wanted to curl, how could if if it were nailed properly into non-rotten planks beneath? Any rotten boards were to have been replaced. See photo. As a result I am no longer to be satisfied with a one-sixth refund. I want the whole job re-done, decking and all.

    UPDATE #5 — Filed complaint with the BBB. Here is their acknowledgement.

    UPDATE #6 — Requested by new owner of Brundage Roofing to kindly remove this website. This same person is the last to have come to my home in representation of Brundage Roofing while still owned by Dick Madison. He had on that visit verbally agreed to make ammends for the above complaint saying that he did not want something like this hanging over his head when he should later take over the company. Later there came to my home a 2-man crew totally unprepared to perform the work for lack of a written work order...just as Madison’s crew had come without a written work order. Now that he has taken it over my problem yet remains. He claims to have purchased only the company’s assets but none of its liabilities. Claims to have a contract to this effect with past owner Dick Madison. I cannot believe this is legal. In any case I have just renewed this domain for a further two years.

What BRUNDAGE did right:

  1. The work crew is courteous and polite. They labor in an un-hurried, apparently careful manner, at least when I am there to observe them.
  2. Similarly, the crew supervisor is polite and responsive.
  3. When I complained about the chipboard. The crew came back the next day with plywood.
  4. I had specified 30 lb felt (versus 15 lb). When I checked, 30 lb felt was what the crew brought.