Christmas in Kalamazoo

Err... Technically speaking our family is Buddhist. Gan and Skajler are, anyway. Karen is more of an agnostic. But we all latch onto any excuse to buy...and espicially to receive...presents. And Karen especially is avid for any excuse to decorate the house in winter.

Present opening time    ↑   ↓ 

Skajler’s dad turned 48 on 2003-12-24 and so opens the first present, (no photo of this since Gan is mostly working the camera) technically a birthday gift. Then, after a suitable waiting period, say 30 seconds or so, Christmas presents get to be opened.

  1. 2003-12-24    ↑ 

    Skajler got a 1064-piece Star Wars Lego set this year, among no few other things. Everyone figured him to take at least a week to assemble it, even with some help from Dad. But as happens, the only help Dad gave was to share in sorting like pieces into little piles on the floor. Skajler then proceeded to build it all by himself in a mere ten hours, punctuated by many a break for chores and to play with other toys.

    1064-piece Lego set


    Computer book

    Jak II



    Karen & Scuddy

    Skajler & Scuddy

    Crash car






    The box