An Hour with Team Taylor

Photos taken February 4th, 2002

In just an hour we do quite a lot!

Our whole class:

1:45:10 PM

We rehearse presentations:

1:49:42 PM

1:59:14 PM

2:00:06 PM

2:03:00 PM

2:06:08 PM

2:07:12 PM

2:07:28 PM

2:08:30 PM

2:12:56 PM

We learn about observation:

2:13:12 PM

2:16:30 PM

2:17:20 PM

2:18:32 PM

2:19:14 PM
2:19:26 PM

2:19:42 PM

2:20:14 PM

2:38:42 PM

2:40:20 PM

2:42:06 PM

The Rest of Our Day:

We finish up our class day with AR — accelerated reading. This is a program where everybody reads from a book of their choice. Students, classes and the whole school earn points for how much everyone reads.

Note from photographer: Since everyone had their nose in a book and all I could catch were the tops of their heads, I just put my camera away, borrowed a book and joined them instead.